Thursday, August 27, 2009

my first journal entry

Hi everyone! My name is Yue Zhang. Since it is so hard for non-Chinese speakers to pronounce, I gave myself a nicename -Rella, which I got from Cinderella. So you can call me Cinderella as well if you like it better. Here is my email address:

I was born in a small town called JianShui in province YunNan, which is located in Southwest of China. I am the only child of my family. I went to Thailand w
hen I was 14 and studied in St.Stephen's International School for one and half years, and then I transferred to International School Bangkok which is recognized as the premier international school in Thailand. I studied there for three years until graduation.

I am interested in many different kinds of things, such as watching movies, listening to music, singing, shopping, playing badminton, sometimes swimming depend on the weather, and hanging out with family and friends. I plan to involve in many campus activities in the first year to make more friends and to get to know Trinity better. I want to join International Clubs and do some community services. Actually I am going to Urban Connection which is a out of campus community service tomorrow. I auditioned for Urinetown, the Musical yesterday but I did not so well on the monologue part because I did not practice at all and I was super nervous on stage. The directors were really nice though which made me feel better. I am in University Chorus this semester because I love singing. I hope I can join or make up my own band someday and I will be the singer. This is the "secret fact" I wrote on the sticky note in class yesterday.

I am not too good at computers even though I use it everyday. I learned some basics about IT technology when I was in third grade but I actually used a computer when I was 12. Now I basically use it for internet and some of my homework an
d research. I know a little about photoshop since I bought a book a few years ago and studied by myself. I am looking forward to learning more computer skills and make the most of the class and resources Trinity provides to us.

This is a
picture taken this summer of me and my best friends.