Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Presentatons in Class

I really enjoyed watching my classmates' presentations last class. It is surprising to learn that everyone in the class has a different interested area of study. The variety of topics covered a lot of useful and interesting knowledge from different subjects.
One of my favorite presentations is: Noelle's presentation of classical studies about Oedipus Rex. I have never taken such class and know almost nothing about Greek literature. It is so dramatic that I feel like the story is from another world. The way Noelle presented was very attention-catching as well because she followed all the rules of good presentation such as not reading from the slides, and her voice was clear with a good volume. I also liked her design of the powerpoint. First I think the title slide is catchy, and I liked all her animations and pictures.
Another one of my favorite presentations is: Caroline's presentation about the audition. I have always loved theater, especially musicals. So I was really excited to see that Caroline's topic is related to theater. The content of her powerpoint was detailed, interesting, and informative. I learned a lot about drama in Trinity and things I did not know before. She was very engaged with the auditions while presenting to the class. Her powerpoint was very well-designed too. It is easy to read, and I liked all the background and pictures which are well connected to her topic, and gives good visualization as well.


  1. Your presentation was stunning. That's all. :]]

  2. Thanks for you awesome comments on my presentation! I just wanted to tell you that I loved yours also. Your butterfly animation and use of the song "The Butterfly" was wonderful and really added to your presentation!

    I actually was in choir for 7 years AND was in a play called "The Terezin Promise" so both of your topics were close to my heart. Anyhow good job!

  3. agreed. I like the music in the background, soothed me in these early morning hours

  4. I loved your animation and your presentation was lovely. The music was so nice ;-). I am impressed that you chose what you really loved for your presentation! Yay roomie!